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Automotive Control Cable Components

Because of our technical strength and deep insight of the industry, we have a phenomenal range of components for control cables & speedometer cables. We are proud to be recognized as a company with the widest range of components for automotive control cables. These components are used in various 2 wheelers, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and 7 heavy commercial vehicles. We have over 1000+ components in our control cable segment.


We manufacture, supply and export rubber bellows and boots to be used in various automotive cables including brake cables, clutch cables and accelerator cables. All the rubber bellows are made using natural rubber with special focus on the consistency of the rubber used for manufacturing in order to maintain the best quality.


With the in house technology of insert moulding, we have become a reliable supplier of fuel choke used in the fuel strainer cables. Fuel chokes and plastic knobs are manufactured using Insert moulding technology in order to stick to the OE parameters.


In the current scenario of expanding range of control cables, our dedicated team has been successful in keeping up with the different needs of customers with respect to the latest plastic fittings and requirements for various cable applications including components for speedometer cable, brake cable, throttle cable, push pulls cable. High performance polymers like acetal copolymer, PVC & Nylon are sourced in order to supply consistent quality product at a regular pace.


We started this project with the initiative of Contract manufacturing. With extensive assemble knowledge, a full competent of secondary machinery and major components already developed with us contract manufacturing helps customer source complete assembled component at a price under there target price. It helps customer in maintaining high inventory levels for various product as we take the responsibility of supplying the goods as per customerís requirements.