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Steering & Suspension Products

With over 700+ products in our Steering & Suspension division, we are supplying our major proportion to various OEM and aftermarket suppliers across the globe. These components are used in the manufacturing of ball joints, tie road ends, link bars, control arms and axial joints.
Our product range for the steering and suspension division comprises of the following :


Plastic Inserts or Plastic bearings are considered the heart of the steering and suspension components and play a major role in the performance of the part. We have an extensive range of plastic inserts from ball dia 14 to ball dia 100. All the inserts are manufactured using high quality raw material and they follow strict quality parameters to maintain excellent and reliable performance.


Plastic double bearing focuses on using 2 plastic shells in a combination instead of one. Use of 2 inserts (i.e. combination of plastic shells) can enhance the performance of the component by smoothing the movement of ball pin by acting as an extra cushion. Double shells or bearing can be manufactured in different combinations like Acetal - TPU Combination, Acetal- Acetal combination.


Dust covers play a crucial role in protecting the components from any kind of dust or water damage. A well designed and manufactured dust cover not just contributes to a longer life for the component but also to proper performance. We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality dust covers. We manufacture dust cover using improved performance polymers like TPU ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane).


These are also called neck protection caps and are used at the neck of ball pin. They are positioned at the neck of the ball pin to eliminate the sound and wear tear of ball and housing during movement.


We manufacture a wide range of rings and washers for different applications. We manufacture polyurethane rings used for sealing the dust covers at throat. Washers are used as spacers and for other special applications. Nylon & TPU are preferred materials for this kind of application.


Protective covers and thread caps are responsible for protecting the component before it reaches the consumer. Protective caps are used for protecting the dust cover during transportation and storage of components whereas thread caps prevent any kind of damage to thread during proper fitment. HDPE, PP are the preferred raw materials for manufacturing components of such application.


With the ongoing customization and different applications, we have developed over 200+ different products for different customers in different verticals ranging form Bushing to coupling depending upon the customerís requirement. We thrive to serve on our principle never to serve customer with a no.